onsdag 21. september 2011

Pow Pow Pow!!!!

I've had the power trip of the century to Norway the last 5 days. I don't think anyone can beat this:
  • Landed in Oslo Wednesday 10:00
  • Met Irene and beautiful little Andreas for lunch at Torshov
  • Had contract meeting regarding my apartment, finalised the sale!!
  • Me and Catty visited Christina, Fredrik and Sebastian in Lillestrøm.
  • Full day with offshore survival course Thursday. 
  • Dinner with Hanne and Camilla Thursday night,
  • Full day offshore survival Friday.
  • Moved all my furniture from my apartment at Sinsen with the help of my amazing mom and my fantastic auntie Randi and uncle Knut.
  • Drove to Kristiansand with all the furniture.
  • Unpacked furniture into my old home :)
  • Looked at this amazing house
  • Baking and homemade pizza with my good friend Liv
  • Ribbe family dinner in Holum
  • Walk around Odderøya in pouring rain with Katarina and had really nice dinner at Fiskebrygga
More pictures at Udjusveien 12c

mandag 12. september 2011

Surfer Girl

 I think I'm getting hooked on Surfing too.. The swell has been really great the last week  here on Maui and I've had some really good sessions on the water! The best thing of all was walking out my door the other day, the neighbor had yard-sale, and there was my perfect board!! 9feet, slim style, used but great conditions. Took it straight out and had my best surfing day ever! But all good things come to an end. My last session yesterday was interrupted by a jellyfish (Portuguese Man o'War) twisted around my thigh and down my leg. I'm normally no chicken when it comes to these things, but that was freaking painful..  
My surfspot (Grandma's)
Surfmobile :) Handy with a big car.
Today I'm flying to Oslo to do my Offshore Survival refresher, sell my appartement and move furniture (and hopefully see som friends). Friday I will go to Kristiansand and spend the weekend there before flying up to Baffin Bay, outside Greenland.. (About 74degrees North, I will freeze to death I'm sure..).

mandag 5. september 2011

My new Casa Maui style!

I have now officially moved from my beautiful house and all my lovely animals up in Haiku, down to the sea in Kuau in another quite beautiful house. My new roomate is a really cool, amazing lady that has lived here on Maui about 25 years, knows everyone, swims 2hrs almost every day in the ocean and loves to cook! Jippi for me, since I have mostly forgotten how to cook :) Anyway, here are som pictures of my new casa.
My new bedroom.

Walk in closet :)


Living room from the loft (still in progression)

My close by beach

Going to miss Koola..

And the three horses in the garden..

fredag 2. september 2011

Daytrip to Lanai

Andy, Veronika and Kyle on the Ferry
Yesterday me and my two roomates Andrew and Veronika decided we needed some change of scenery and decided to go for a daytrip to neighbour tiny island Lanai. We packed our swimming suits, picked up two other friends Sara and Kyle and headed for the ferry terminal in Lahaina bright and early.
Beach on Lanai

Andrew very focused on his bodysurfing
Kyle out showing his surifng skills
Lanai is not the most exciting place in the world with one hotel (four Seasons) and about 3000 inhabitants, some golf courses and some dears for hunting. On the other hand, it also has one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii and amazing crystal clear water. So we played in the waves, bodysurfed, Kyle surfed and the girls tanned on the beach. We walked up to the Four Seasons and had lunch and Margaritas by the pool, we played around in Sharkbay and found a some small ocean pools carved in by the sea in the lava rocks and generally just relaxed and had a really nice day:)
Andrew and Veronika at the Four Seasons
The photographer got a picture too at the bar
Andy and Kyle in Sharkbay
Exploring the bay and lavarocks
Veronika and Sara